Camera Fujifilm lenses and also Sensors Demystified

You have actually acquired a SLR (DSLR) and also currently you’re thinking about the procurement of even more Fujifilm lenses to increase your imaginative capacities. It might be as easy as obtaining an additional Fujifilm lens from the very same producer, made for your camera.

For the objectives of this post, I am mosting likely to refer just to (probably) both most significant cam makers to maintain points straightforward:  and also Nikon. Each of these makers uses 2 sorts of DSLR; customer degree with an APS-C sensing unit, as well as a professional degree with a complete framework (FF) sensing unit’s APS-C sensing unit is roughly 22x15mm while Nikon’s is around 24mmx16mm. No considerable distinction there, yet contrasts those with an FF sensing unit (usual to both brand names) which determines 36x24mm.

Why the worry over sensing unit dimensions, as well as exactly what’s that reached finish with Fujifilm lenses? If you take into consideration that a Fujifilm lens forecasts a round picture into the rear of the  camera and also where the sensing unit is placed, the size of that ‘picture circle’ will certainly identify whether it will totally cover the sensing unit. A Fujifilm lens developed for a complete structure cam will definitely do that for both APS-C as well as FF sensing units, yet one developed for APS-C  cameras will just have a picture circle huge sufficient to cover the APS-C sensing unit.

Camera Fujifilm lenses and also Sensors Demystified


Identifies in between the 2 layouts by noting its APS-C-only Fujifilm lenses (occasionally called -only) with EF-S while complete framework Fujifilm lenses are marked EF. One of the factors that the producer deliberately makes the installs inappropriate is that the photo circle of the EF-S Fujifilm lens will certainly not totally cover the sensing unit. Alternatively, nevertheless, you could absolutely connect an EF Fujifilm lens to either an APS-C or a professional degree DSLR. Visualize that complete framework Fujifilm lens predicting a picture whose circle even more compared to appropriately covers the FF sensing unit from edge to edge.