How to Ensure Safe Stay During A Foreign Trip

One of the most pressing needs of a trip abroad is safe place to stay.  There are some modern tools that allow easy finding of affordable accommodation right across the globe.  One such app is the AirBnB software that is being used by the majority of contemporary travelers seeking to find a good deal.  But as we found out, there are some grey areas in the manner these applications are managed and run on a day to day basis. If indeed there is going to be an increased use of such platforms, then it is absolutely necessary to cut out bad incidents and experiences to the most extent possible.

What did transpire at Cannes

We were a visiting party of three who made accommodation arrangements at Cannes through the platform AirBnB.  As laid out in the program, we did arrive at the property at the appointed time and was soon ushered into the facility.  Most parts of the next days were spent outside the apartment, taking in the sights and sounds of Cannes.

On our return on a certain day, it was noticed that some of our personal properties were missing.  A brief perusal indicated that there had not been any break in attempts or any signs of forced entry to the premise.  A good look at the apartment key and locking system reassured us of the quality of the locks and the rather difficult task to have a possible copy made out.

We then proceeded to contact out host Steeve Monterin who had been contacted through AirBnB prior to our departing from out home country.  Steeve asked us to ensure that it was really that the said items were indeed missing.  But strangely Steeve Monterin was strongly against filing a complaint with the police and suggests using the review facility of the website to make our complaint known to the administrators.

What happened next?

Our post on AirBnB was removed not long after we had posted it, followed by a curt missive from the administrators of the website that we had gone against the stated review policy of the site. Despite our protestations, the site did not further escalate the matter.

How to Ensure Safe Stay During A Foreign Trip

There after we proceeded to search up all we could on Steeve Monterin and it became apparent that this was not a one off situation.  The said host had been a habitual user of doctored pictures and videos to have transgressions overturned.  There were more than a single such instance in the past year alone.  When we had tried to escalate the incident with AirBnb, they did show us some pictures of the premises which sort of put us in the dock.  But the general public must be warned of this individual who takes advantage of his situation to steal property. The traditional rules to staying safe now need to be reinforced properly with the new set of operating paradigms.