Synthetic urine Treatment – The Charge of Medical Orthodoxy

3 months earlier, I discovered a publication entitled THE WATER OF LIFE: A Writing on Synthetic urine Treatment by John W. Armstrong. Prima facie, I felt that guide related to the commonly discussed wonderful recovery powers of pure all-natural water.

Quickly, as I turned with the first web pages of the publication, I found that the topic of the publication was not normal water however synthetic urine , an exploration that enhanced my inquisitiveness to dive better right into exactly what the writer had to claim on the life effectiveness of synthetic urine , a compound I had actually hitherto related to with disgust as a filthy, harmful and also worthless human waste, a lot on the exact same degree as human excreta.

Synthetic urine treatment

The much more I check out the publication on synthetic urine treatment, the extra interested best synthetic urine as well as amazed I ended up being to review even more of the writer’s discussion and also ‘odd’ assertions and also entries till quickly, I might no much longer obtain myself to go down the publication other than to participate in to extremely pushing involvement till I had actually reviewed the publication with.

Synthetic urine Treatment - The Charge of Medical Orthodoxy

I was extensively captivated as well as totally taken aback not just by Armstrong’s well-known recovery power of synthetic urine ┬átreatment and also its tested effectiveness in the therapy of numerous disorders consisting of several of the supposed persistent and also best synthetic urine incurable conditions however also extra so by his assertions on the impotency of standard clinical method over these conditions such as cancer cells, gangrene, kidney failing, and so on.

Just what was also much more interesting was the list of instance researches mentioned by the writer to show synthetic urine  treatment remedy and also exactly what much more, a lengthy listing of noteworthy orthodox and also homeopath medical professionals that have actually substantiated the recovery power of synthetic urine  treatment.