Things Taken Under Consideration Before Tiling With Bathroom Tiles

Before working with tiles, be it on any part of the house, it is a must to know about how to tile a respective area. Although it is much more suitable to hand over the task of tiling to a professional, yet learning how to deal with your bathroom tiles is cost effective in the long run. The smartest trick is to cover up the old ones with new tiles. If you are looking for durable ones at zero maintenance cost, choose stone or ceramic tiles. Contrary to this, if you an enthusiast for learning about fixing tiles, go for simpler materials.

Do’s Before Fixing Bathroom Tiles

Once you think of decorating you bathroom floor with bathroom tiles, you simply cannot fix it as you like. It depends on a lot of factors prior to fixing the tiles.

  • Firstly, you need to estimate every inch of your old floor. If you are a novice in this business, you might take a couple of days to understand the details of the floor. If your old floor is a vinyl floor, do not hesitate to directly lay down the new tiles upon them, and if it is a sub-wooden floor, you might require to put up a backer board for extra support and tight fixing. Your main purpose should be to check out the quality of the tiles you are opting for to continue with your determined work.

  • Keeping aside the issue regarding the quality of bathroom tiles, number of tiles required, or space of your floor, etc. costing stands as the pivot upon which the entire project is depended. Mostly, tiles are priced in between $5-$15 per sq. foot. The rate may reach to $50 too depending on the size and pattern of tiles. Not only the tile, some apparatuses like tile cutter, grout materials, etc. also must be taken under consideration. Make a quick calculation of the total costing for the planned project.

With the high market value in the recent trends, learning the easy process of tiling is not such a bad idea as the overall method is pocket friendly. Even though you get stuck in between initially, do not lose your patience. Above all, renovating your bathroom with your preferred bathroom tiles will induce your creativity and help you do it according to your own choice independently.