The Thor Ragnarok makes you feel shocked

This film had been directed by Taika Waititi. Here the adventures have been stunning and the mighty Thor had found himself that he is imprisoned on the other side of the universe. That race was against the time to prevent his all power of Hela from destroying his own home world of Asgard. The Thor and the Loki had tracked Odin down in Norway for watching him die. Here an even that was released from her prison the unknown sister Hela. She turned and shockingly destroys Thor powerful hammer Mjolnir.

At the middle there comes a Battle of Champions at that time the Thor faces the Grandmasters favorite he made that to discover its long missing Hulk. He was almost top defeat until he had experienced a vision of his dead father and taps into a tremendous new power source. Here there is a turning point in the film which gradually increased the curiosity of all viewers.

The Thor realizes that the only way for defeating the Hela is to cause the Rangarok and destroy the Asgard her source of power. When he holds her off he sends the Loki to resurrect Surtur who had plunged his sword into the heart Asgard who is destroying Hela. The Thor has finally discovered his true kingly powers and hits her with the biggest lightning bolt.

The Thor Ragnarok makes you feel shocked

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