Various other gadgets of subwoofers

It is from there we essential each side. Yet don’t be deceived the staples are just there to offer the adhesive time to dry. Step 4 in the Quad Lock process is the application of caulk to every indoor edge. It is necessary to mention right here that our glue and caulk are two different products and are applied at 2 separate stages. Nevertheless, similar looking boxes out on the market utilize a mix of adhesive and caulk to save money and time however this mixture compromises the adhesion of the glue and hardens the adaptability of the caulk both of which are extremely crucial residential or commercial properties when building strong lasting joints.

That’s it for now. If you want to see the Super Enclosure for your certain sub just go here And to understand better the advantages of OBCON’s Maze Slot Vent High Outcome style visit this site. Thanks for dropping in and bear in mind, if you are mosting likely to attempt and play loud bass in your car you far better buy a box with OBCON’s Quad Lock Re-inforced joints since currently you understand far better! Sometimes Super Enclosure can go undetected so take the next one minute to educate yourself on among the most crucial elements of your car stereo. For more

Various other gadgets of subwoofers

The information in creating a high-quality

If you have had any type of experience building a room for a sub-bass application you understand the most vulnerable areas are the joints. If done incorrectly, the joint can develop unwanted audios and air leakages. And it is these air leaks that bring about blown woofers. That is why OBCON would love to present you to our Quad Lock Joint Re-enforcement production process. This procedure steps up OBCON to the “Super Room” condition.

Allow’s chat a moment concerning how the Quad Lock joints are done. First, at OBCON a totally automated digital saw cuts each piece with precision information. From there a different electronic router cuts 5mm grooves right into the leading and lower pieces. The grooves provide included supporting on the top and lower getting rid of any motion high levels of vibration caused. This is step one in our Quad Lock stage of construction.